Residential Services

The City of Deerfield Beach is the sole provider of curbside garbage and recycling services for residences within the City. Services include garbage and recycling cart pick-up, bulk trash pick-up, and roll-off services.
residential carts

Garbage & Recycling Carts

Household garbage is collected twice per week. Click here to view the map of Solid Waste and Recycling service days.
  • Place the cart curbside before 7:00 am on your collection day.
  • All garbage must be in plastic bags placed in the City issued cart; do not put recycling in plastic bags. These are not recyclable.
  • Sharp objects must be separately wrapped and placed in small bag before being placed in garbage cart for safety.
  • Place the cart on the edge of curb with the metal bar on the front facing the street.
  • Place at least 5 feet away from trees, mailboxes, utility poles, other carts, or any other obstacle.
  • Do not place under wires or tree branches.
  • Carts that are inaccessible with the automated arm will not be collected.
  • Drivers cannot pick up extra garbage bags that on placed on the ground next to garbage carts.
  • Garbage, bulk trash, and recyclables are picked up every holiday except Christmas Day. These will be collected either the day before or day after. Check local paper or call (954) 480-4391 for information on your collection day.
Multi-family garbage and recycling is provided via various dumpster and cart options, depending on the size of the complex.

About your carts:

  • The brown cart is for garbage and the blue cart is for recycling.
  • Carts are property of the City of Deerfield Beach, and are assigned to each physical address.
  • Periodically rinse with soap and water.
  • Do NOT spray paint or mark the cart.
  • Keep lids closed to prevent exposure from weather and to limit the spreading of debris in neighborhoods on windy days.
  • Carts need to be left at that property should you move.
  • Should you need an additional cart, they are available for an added charge of $14 per month.
  • All carts contain a special radio frequency ID tag (RFID) that identifies the home’s address. Each time a cart is serviced, it is scanned, and the data collected is used to help maintain efficiency.