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March 9, 2020 12:06 PM

COVID-19 Info & Updates

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Latest Update:

March 30, 2020 1:56 PM

Effective Tuesday, March 31, 2020, both Deerfield Beach Express (DBE) I & II, will be suspended until further notice.

A temporary revised schedule for essential needs transportation will begin operating effective Tuesday, March 31, 2020, Monday -Friday from 8 am - 1 pm.

Deerfield Essential Needs Shuttle

Beginning March 31, 2020, until further notice.

8:00 AM to 1:00 PM

1. Center for Active Aging: 8:00 am (last 12:00 pm)

2. Palms Apartments: 8:03 am (last 12:03 pm)

3. B’nai Brith Apartments: 8:09 am (last 12:09 pm)

4. Tivoli, Siesta Natura Condos: 8:14 am (last 12:14 pm)

5. Praxis of Deerfield: 8:19 am (last 12:19 pm)

6. Highland Gardens: 8:24 am (last 12:24 pm)

7. Palm Trail Plaza/Walmart Market: 8:30 am (last 12:230 pm)

8. Century Plaza: 8:35 am (last 12:35 pm)

9. Rivertowne (Winn-Dixie/Walgreens): 8:45 am (last 12:45 pm)

10. Target/CVS-US1: 8:50 am (last 12:50 pm)

For more information call please call (954) 480-4442.

Prior Updates

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March 30, 2020 1:55 PM

Stay at Home order is still in place. It is essential to remember that a Stay-at-Home order has been issued to protect residents from the spread of Coronavirus (Covid-19). This order has been passed by all 31 Broward County cities with the support of the Broward League of Cities and the Broward County City Manager’s Association. A violation of this order is enforceable and can lead to arrest, fines, or both.

The order to stay at home does not require residents to confine themselves to the interior of their homes. Residents may make use of all exterior portions of their homes, such as patios, porches, yards, and driveways. Residents may also leave their place of residence and travel to another location in accordance with the following:

Essential businesses - Residents and visitors may engage in travel to Essential Businesses and provide minimum basic operations to non-essential businesses as identified in Broward County Emergency Orders 20-01 and 20-02, as further refined in Broward County Emergency Order 20-03. (Go to dfb.city/covid19 to see these orders)
Emergency assistance.
Personal Support Activities - Residents and visitors may travel to and from their homes to care for or support a friend, companion, family member, pet or livestock, support groups, or a vulnerable person.
Outdoor Recreational Activities - In areas not otherwise closed by a separate Emergency or Executive Order, residents may engage in outdoor activity and recreation while staying six (6) feet apart from another person or group of people.
Religious Activities - Residents and visitors may travel to and from places of worship. Places of worship must comply with Social Distancing Requirements.
Government employees and emergency personnel - All first responders, emergency and mental health crisis responders, gang intervention specialists and crisis intervention workers, public health workers, emergency management personnel, emergency dispatchers, law enforcement personnel and related contractors, persons working for emergency service providers, and government employees performing work in the course and scope of their employment are categorically exempt.
Public Transit - Available public transit may be used for the above-listed activities.
Please Adhere to the Social Distancing Requirements

Practice social distancing by staying at least 6 feet away whenever practicable from another person, excluding immediate family members, caretakers or, household members;
Cover all coughs and sneezes with their elbow or tissue.

Do not shake hands.

Do not enter any public place if the person exhibits any flu or COVID-19 like symptoms and/or has a fever over 99.9 degrees Fahrenheit unless that person is traveling to or from a hospital, doctor’s office, urgent care, walk-in clinic, or pharmacy.

If a person is exhibiting flu or COVID-19 like symptoms or has a fever over 99.9 degrees Fahrenheit and is seeking medical treatment, the person shall first contact their medical provider by phone before appearing at the medical provider’s office.

If a person is exhibiting flu or COVID-19 like symptoms or has a fever over 99.9 degrees Fahrenheit and requires a prescription or a refill thereof and the pharmacy has a drive-thru window and/or delivery service, that person shall utilize the drive-thru window and/or delivery service to receive their medication.

To review Emergency Order 2020-03 and for additional information on COVID-19, visit www.dfb.city/covid19. For additional information, you are encouraged to call the Broward County COVID-19 hotline, 954-357-9500.

March 27, 2020 8:45 AM

Broward County issued Emergency Order 20-03 today, March 26, 2020. The order strongly urges individuals to remain home other than to engage in essential activities. This Safer at Home order is in place for the protection of public health and to slow the spread of the Coronavirus among the community. The World Health Organization (WHO) indicated that the United States has the potential to become the center of the COVID-19 pandemic. The State of Florida now has over 2,300 total cases. Miami-Dade, Broward County, and Palm Beach County combined have 55% of Florida cases. It is reported that there are confirmed cases in every Broward County jurisdiction. City officials strongly urge residents to take this order seriously and Stay at Home.

The County order takes effect on Friday, March 27, 2020, at 12:01 .a.m. and can found at https://www.broward.org/CoronaVirus/Documents/BC-EmergencyOrder20-03.pdf

To support the County order, the City of Deerfield Beach City Manager has issued Emergency Order 2020-03, effective Friday, March 27, 2020, at 12:01 a.m. In addition to the Executive Orders issued by the Governor, The Emergency Orders issued by the County, and the Emergency Orders issued by the City, this Order imposes the following:

· The International Fishing Pier is now closed to the public until further notice.
· To further promote social distancing and adhere to the latest CDC guidelines, areas where members from different households congregate and use shared facilities, all pools that are amenities of a hotel, motel, homeowners or condominium association, rental apartment or other multifamily development are hereby ordered closed until further notice.
· All golf courses within the City are hereby ordered closed until further notice.

For additional information on COVID-19, visit www.dfb.city/covid19. For additional information, you are encouraged to call the Broward County COVID-19 hotline, 954-357-9500.